August 16, 1977

16 Aug

You’d have to live under a rock to not know that today is the 34th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death.  Heck, even living under a rock you’d probably know it.  At least I’d hope so.  I’m a rather huge Elvis fan so I’m not going to reference some horrid tidbit about the way he died or make fun of the fat years or anything remotely disrespectful.

Nor can I post an Elvis song because I already did so way back in January.  That said, I need to mark the day, of course.  For a few hours earlier, I thought I’d post a song that references Elvis.  There are certainly enough to choose from.  But that didn’t seem worthy of The King.

And then it hit me.  What better tribute can I give than “Lights Out” by Lisa Marie Presley?  I remember when this record came out and how pleasantly surprised I was.  I love her voice and slick production and all, I adore this song.

R.I.P, Elvis.  I’ll heart you always.

Could they look any more alike?


Chester & Lester

15 Aug

Even though it’s disgusting out today, I had a great big burst of sunshine when I got a bicentennial quarter in my change this morning.  If you know anything (or 25 things) about me, you’ll know that I collect bicentennial quarters and they are so rare these days, so when I get one it really is a cause for celebration.

Of course 1976 wasn’t just our nation’s bicentennial.  It was also the year that the brilliant Chet Atkins got the equally brilliant Les Paul out of retirement and the two recorded and released their collaboration, Chester and Lester.  Yes, it’s brilliant.  Actually beyond brilliant.  It would be impossible not to be as they’re two of the most influential and expressive guitarists ever.  There is almost no overdubbing on the album, which kind of blows my mind every time I hear it.

Chet’s twangy country mixed with Les’ jazzy sound are so different, yet work perfectly together.  Plus, their studio banter all over the album, which I adore.  It really is one of those records that everyone should own.  It’s that important.

I couldn’t decide which track to post and as you should know by now, that’s good news because you get two to download.  Here are “It Had To Be You” and “Out of Nowhere.”  If you love them, feel free to thank me by sending me any and all bicentennial quarters you may have lying around.  They’ll have friends here.


Um, Tony Banks?!

14 Aug

At the end of the year I think I’m going to find it interesting to see which artists I never in a million years thought would have made an appearance here, did.  Today’s choice will definitely be on that list.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I have never been much of a prog-rock fan.  I never even went through a phase.  So it won’t come as a surprise that I never bothered to listen to Tony Banks’ solo albums.  (For those of you that even less into prog-rock than I, Tony Banks was a founding member of and driving force in Genesis.)

I recently heard a song from his 1983 solo album, The Fugitive, and immediately regretted always ignoring it.  “By You” is now a new favorite.  Tony’s not a fantastic singer and I’m guessing he kept the songs much simpler than Genesis ones in order to play to his singing.  Whatever his reason, I’m super happy he did because now we have a simple and beautiful song instead of an over-complicated, overly-serious musical composition.

I’ve already had it on repeat for about 20x.  I’m compulsive that way.  I don’t expect you to do that, but aim for at least twice in a row.  So, so nice.  Kind of perfect to listen to with the sound of the rain outside.

That’s the good part.  The scary part is that I guess this means I should check out the rest of The Fugitive.  I love “By You” so why am I dreading this?  I’m trying to get out of my own way and all my pre-conceptions in general….I suppose I can start with Tony Banks.  Wish me luck.


Love To Love You Baby

10 Aug

Occasionally on Margauxville, I post a song that I’m pretty sure everyone in the world must know, but that I just love and am thinking about.  Add August 10th to that list, but with a twist.  “Love To Love You Baby” by Donna Summer is today’s song, but in its nearly 17 minute, 12″ version.  Appropriate for the subject matter, methinks.

In 1975, LaDonna (her real first name) came to producer extraordinaire Giorgio Moroder with the lyric and a rough idea of the song.  Moroder was getting more and more into the disco sound and envisioned this as a dance track with orgasmic moans laid on top.  Thank God.  Donna, however, felt a little weird about that.  Finally she was convinced to record it as a demo to sell to someone else to re-record.  When it was done, Moroder luckily convinced her to release it.

Enter Casablanca Records President Neil Bogart.  He said he’d release it if they came up with a mega-size version.  And thus was born the version here.  Such a different era of the record industry.  Imagine demanding a nearly 20 minute track exist before a label agreeing to put it out these days.  “Love to Love You Baby” was a massive hit – her first.  Of course with the release also came controversy.  Stations banned it and she was often condemned in the media.  Time Magazine even counted the number of orgasms in the song.  (22)

I am constantly glad that dance clubs like Studio 54, cocaine and lots of scantily clad men (and women) won out and that disco reigned supreme.  But this song should come with a warning.  Be careful when you download it.  Play it just three times and you’ve nearly lost an hour.


Good Morning

8 Aug

My commute this AM

My day started off in the best way possible.  I took the ferry to work for the first time and I am still, all these hours later, stunned at how much of a difference it made on my mood.  One of my co-workers told me about it and when I reported in today saying I had done it, she asked,

“How alive do you feel?”


My need for proximity to water is like an umbilical cord that is still attached.  I’m happiest at the beach and except for a few years over which I’ve had no control, I’ve lived an arm’s length from a body of water my entire life.

I don’t love all water though.  I love The Atlantic best of all.  I love other oceans and seas next.  Then I love rivers.  Bathtubs fand pools are probably tied.  I like a good sprinkler.  But ponds and lakes…gross.  No thank you.

It is with great love that I share Charles Trenet’s classic “La Mer.”  Supposedly he wrote it in 10 minutes on toilet paper from the train he was riding.  Oh, and the train was going alongside The Mediterranean.  That’s a body of water that deserves such a song.  I’m not sure if I entirely believe the story about how he wrote it, but having experienced the coarseness of French toilet paper, I don’t discount that this was possible either.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do the ferry every day.  By the time I left work tonight, it had already stopped running.  But I’m going to try to do this at least a couple of times a week.  It’s beyond awesome.  And I love remembering that New York is one of my top two favorite islands.


Spread the Word!

7 Aug

For the next few hours, I’m all about unity and compassion.  These traits will disappear promptly at 11:59p, but until then I am channeling Yvonne Daniels and her 1971 recording “Spread the Word.”

I would love to actually write a normal length post and tell you all about this almost unknown singer, but, alas, she is actually pretty unknown. I know nothing beyond the fact that she recorded some singles for De-Lite Records, seems to be from New York and is probably not the Chicago-based DJ of the same name.  The only important thing I know about her is that she has a killer, almost psychotic delivery on this song.

I’ve been pretty taken with this single today.  So much so that I’m almost thinking I should delay the expiry of my love-the-word feelings and have this be my theme song for the coming week.



Saturday Night Dance Party

6 Aug

If yesterday’s post was the perfect song for a Friday, well here’s the perfect song for a Saturday night:  “Do I Sad?” by Geneva Jacuzzi.  Her music confounds me because I can’t decide if it sounds totally like the future or completely like the past.  Maybe that means it’s just right for today.

So while it reminds me of something I might have once blasted while getting ready to go out, late, after a disco nap, it also is what I am listening to right now, when going out couldn’t be further from my mind.

This is no doubt the shortest post in the history of Margauxville, which may make you very pleased or somewhat disappointed.  Thankfully “Do I Sad?” will fit your mood either way.