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Rose Royce: More Than Just “Car Wash”

31 Jan

Even though I know that Rose Royce did the original version of “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore,”  I always think of Madonna’s version first.  That annoys me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Madonna, but Rose Royce’s version is where it’s at.  The instrumentation, the voice, the late ’70s wonderfulness…it’s all so great.  Here, listen/download.

One more thing:  though Rose Royce’s version may not have a video shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, it does have one that’s full o’ slow-burning funk.


Here’s to the Strippers and the Fans of the Clippers

30 Jan

I believe it’s physically impossible to drive around Los Angeles without singing “Here to the strippers and the fans of the Clippers, cause life ain’t easy for ya’ll.”

I blame slash credit my friend Nathan for this realization.

Sing with me; download Brother Reade’s “Life Ain’t Easy For Y’all” here.


The Workday “Grind”

29 Jan

I wouldn’t mind working seven days a week as much if my office life was like the one in the Belle & Sebastian song, “Step Into My Office, Baby.”

You can download this, their very first single on Rough Trade from back in 2003, here.

In the meantime, I’m about to jump on the 50th conference call of the week.  And, nope, no, um,  window washing will be involved on this one either.


My Aching Head

28 Jan

I have had a headache for two days now, on and off.  I had a respite from it last night, which coincided with a delightful tapas dinner, but that was a lucky accident.

Today the headache is back, worse than ever.  It’s the kind of headache that makes you feel nauseous and squinty.  So it’s only natural that the song of the day would be “Man of Constant Sorrow.”

As you listen/download this wonderful version from 1928 by Emry Arthur, can you also please send me “feel better” vibes?  Please?


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

27 Jan

The utterly fabulous Pezband is a sadly underappreciated band from the 1970s.  They kind of got lost between Power Pop and New Wave and were never properly cherished by either.  Everyone needs to (re?)discover them and love them.  Work with me, people!

I’ve always wondered why “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” wasn’t a huge hit.  It’s a perfect song.  Pezband hailed from Chicago so they know something about being cold.

I hear New York is awfully cold right now.  And because I’m always in sync with New York, even if I happen to be away, well,  baby, I’m cold too.

Download the magic here.


The Ex Files

26 Jan

Sinéad O’Connor’s “The Last Day of Our Acquaintance” is one of the prettiest song about breaking up that I can think of.

Download  here.

Happy Wednesday.



25 Jan

The Oscar nominations announced today were pretty surprising in many, many cases.  Had I been writing this blog on the day the nominations for the films of 1967 were announced, I would have written that very same sentence.  I bet you thought I was going to say that.

Back then Sidney Potier didn’t get nominated for his amazing turn in ‘In the Heat of the Night,’ nor for his performance ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.’  And he was also shut out for his role in ‘To Sir, With Love.’  All three of these films were released in 1967.   And that title track, one of the best songs ever, didn’t get nominated for Best Song either.  Unbelievable!  Crazily, neither did “Mrs. Robinson” from The Graduate.

In lieu of an Academy Award – which is what “To Sir With Love” should have won – the song by the lovely Lulu is now downloadable on Margauxville.

And still “Mrs. Robinson” is shut out….sorry, guys.


Jack Lalanne, RIP

24 Jan

Jack Lalanne died yesterday.  I’m pretty sure that the best thing you could do to pay tribute to the man is to get physical.  Since the entire gamut from cross-country skiing to making out all falls under the LET’S GET PHYSICAL banner, you really have no excuse.   Especially because now you can download the soundtrack for your outing.

I’ve always unabashedly loved Olivia Newton-John’s “(Let’s Get) Physical” No irony.  And really, who doesn’t like getting into animal?  But if she’s not your cup of tea, here’s an industrial metal version of it by Revolting Cocks.

And here’s a little ahead-of-his-time video from the man himself:


Turn the Heater On!

23 Jan

I am reneging on yesterday’s post.  This is truly the song for these cold days…and nights:  “Turn the Heater On” by Keith Hudson.

You may know this song because Ian Curtis of Joy Division was a huge fan of “The Dark Prince of Reggae” and New Order covered it as a tribute on a John Peel appearance.  If this weather keeps up in Margauxville, you may be hearing that version here too…

Until then, hold me, squeeze me tonight, for I feel so cold at night.  And by that I mean, download here.



22 Jan

Is there any other song for a day as cold as today?

Sebadoh’s cover of “Cold As Ice” always warms my heart.  But then again, I wasn’t the one willing to sacrifice our love, so maybe it won’t warm yours.  Download it here and see for yourself.