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The Rapture

20 May

This Monkey's Gone to Heaven

I can’t stop thinking about this End of the World stuff.  Not in a believing-it kind of way, but in an I’m-absolutely-fascinated-by-those-who-do kind of way.  Apparently my initial assumptions about tomorrow were all wrong.  Today isn’t the last full day of the world, it’s just the last full day on Earth for Harold Camping’s Christian followers.  The actual end of the world isn’t for six more months, on October 21st.  As of tomorrow, most, if not all, of us will have six months of playtime without those crazy people trying to buzzkill all our fun!

One of the most interesting aspects of The Rapture for me is the whole 6pm thing.  Basically big earthquakes are going to start in Australia at 6p their time and work their way around all the time zones, always hitting at 6p.  If 200,000 people vaporizing doesn’t convince you, I’m pretty sure the earthquake synchronization will.

Just playing Devil’s Advocate here, but what excuse do you think they’ll give if they are still here tomorrow?  I was in the Union Square subway station a few minutes ago and there were so many people with placards and megaphones going on and on about The End.  Are they really just going to say “oops!”?

I know your burning question probably has more to do with why I’m writing this today and not tomorrow.  My answer to you is – hey, you never know.  I wanted to make sure I got my Rapture song posted.  And no, it’s not “Rapture.”  Nor is any one of countless metal Doomsday songs out there.  No, mine is for Harold Camping himself:  “Monkey Gone to Heaven” by The Pixies.

I’m assuming I’ll be posting before 6p tomorrow, but just in case I’ve been sucked up by mistake, enjoy the next six months.


Mole People

16 May

The Australian band The Moles never got the attention they deserved.  Their 1991 debut album, Untune the Sky, was virtually ignored upon release, which is kind of odd, in retrospect, since it’s a treasure trove of solid sounds.  While it really doesn’t matter, Untune the Sky also just sounds cool as a name, don’t you think?

Part pop, part absolute dissonance, it was probably too experimental to be a hit.  But the record is full of wonderful melodies, even at its scruffiest.  It’s just that sometimes you have to look for them a little.  I like to think of it as a audio scavenger hunt, only one where you always find the prize if you just pay attention.

Although it’s been long out of print, it was re-released (on vinyl!) last year.  If you see it, do not pass go, buy immediately.

Here are the first two songs off that record so you can get a glimpse of the extremes within.  First up, the lovely pop song, “Bury Me Happy” and then the second track, “Tendrils and Paracetamol,” which is kind of a melodic wall of noise, in the best way.

The Moles are slightly schizophrenic but always rewarding.  Kind of like me, right?  Right??!


Let’s Go Baby

4 May

There’s a lot of slow, stagnant muck in my life right now and I’d love nothing more than to invigorate it all with some forward movement.  And so I present the universe with “Let’s Go Baby” by Robert Parker.  This song was actually the B-Side to his monster hit “Barefootin'” and while not all that dissimilar, I like it better.

But back to me.  I’m thinking that if everyone downloads it and plays it three times in a row this will somehow stimulate The Action to start already.  It’s possible!

C’mon, try it.  For me.  One – two – three – go!


Sun Turns Black, Moon Turns Blood & Iggy Pop Is On Idol

8 Apr

I haven’t seen American Idol this season, but last night as I was flipping through stations, I happened to catch it midway through Iggy Pop’s performance.  Huh?!  Iggy Pop on Idol???  I’m pretty sure that was a specific event that had to happen prior to The Rapture.

The performance was amazing on so many levels, not least of which was that I spent the rest of the evening listening to old Iggy and the Stooges stuff.  Take a gander.  I feel like it’s up there with PiL on American Bandstand.

30+ years after The Stooges first album and he’s still got it.  Orange, but incredible.

Here’s “No Fun,” from that first LP back in 1969.  I’ve also thrown in the Sex Pistols’ cover of it as well, which is also fantastic.


Beware the Ides of March

15 Mar

2055 years ago today, Julius Caesar was killed by Brutus and betrayal’s never been the same.

When I was thinking of this momentous occasion earlier, I thought it would be super obvious to post the Ides of March’s huge 1970 hit, “Vehicle.”  The only really interesting reason to do that is because the main guy, Jim Peterik, went on to found Survivor and give us “Eye of the Tiger.”

Then I was going to post The Caesars’ “Jerk It Out” but that didn’t feel right either.

I’ve finally decided on The Hives’ “B is for Brutus.”

Wait!  That’s 4 songs today!  4!  I guess I’m just in that holiday kind of mood!

Happiest Ides of March to you and yours!


Un Regalo para Todos

16 Feb

Mi Madre

One of my earliest memories is my mother singing “Besame Mucho” over and over again.  Today is her birthday and in Margauxville, this momentous occasion is marked with my personal favorite version of the song by Cesaria Evora.

I’m giving everyone that birthday gift, right here.

¡Feliz cumpleaños, Mami!


Just a Little Piece of Paper, Coated with Chlorophyll

3 Feb

I just learned that the very first paper money in the entire Western world was created on this date, back in 1690 in the colony of Massachusetts.

Little did this doctored 20 shilling note realize when it made its appearance that it would alter all future history.

Out of all the songs about money, the only one that deserves the honor to be the song for February 3rd is Ray Charles’ “Greenbacks.”  Once you download here, I’m banking on your agreement.  Ba-dum-dum.


Here’s to the Strippers and the Fans of the Clippers

30 Jan

I believe it’s physically impossible to drive around Los Angeles without singing “Here to the strippers and the fans of the Clippers, cause life ain’t easy for ya’ll.”

I blame slash credit my friend Nathan for this realization.

Sing with me; download Brother Reade’s “Life Ain’t Easy For Y’all” here.


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

27 Jan

The utterly fabulous Pezband is a sadly underappreciated band from the 1970s.  They kind of got lost between Power Pop and New Wave and were never properly cherished by either.  Everyone needs to (re?)discover them and love them.  Work with me, people!

I’ve always wondered why “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” wasn’t a huge hit.  It’s a perfect song.  Pezband hailed from Chicago so they know something about being cold.

I hear New York is awfully cold right now.  And because I’m always in sync with New York, even if I happen to be away, well,  baby, I’m cold too.

Download the magic here.