Mole People

16 May

The Australian band The Moles never got the attention they deserved.  Their 1991 debut album, Untune the Sky, was virtually ignored upon release, which is kind of odd, in retrospect, since it’s a treasure trove of solid sounds.  While it really doesn’t matter, Untune the Sky also just sounds cool as a name, don’t you think?

Part pop, part absolute dissonance, it was probably too experimental to be a hit.  But the record is full of wonderful melodies, even at its scruffiest.  It’s just that sometimes you have to look for them a little.  I like to think of it as a audio scavenger hunt, only one where you always find the prize if you just pay attention.

Although it’s been long out of print, it was re-released (on vinyl!) last year.  If you see it, do not pass go, buy immediately.

Here are the first two songs off that record so you can get a glimpse of the extremes within.  First up, the lovely pop song, “Bury Me Happy” and then the second track, “Tendrils and Paracetamol,” which is kind of a melodic wall of noise, in the best way.

The Moles are slightly schizophrenic but always rewarding.  Kind of like me, right?  Right??!


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