Stuff I Own

17 May

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I’m in the process of getting rid of almost every CD I own.  I’m saving a couple that have amazing artwork (hello, Joseph Arthur) and others by dead friends (hello those above and below, you know who you are) and some that are, in my head, valuable, but for the most part, as soon as I digitize, they’re packed up.

It’s been a bit of laborious process, but there has been a huge upside.  I forgot so much of what I owned because quite frankly I don’t remember the last time I actually listened to a CD.  And while I didn’t own a humungous amount,  it’s still been an awful lot to forget about.

God knows what I’ll find when I get to the digitizing process of all the many, many, many albums and singles.  But since I can’t imagine getting rid of those, that’s a job I can put off for awhile.  I guess that’s both good and bad.

I’ve rediscovered tons of amazing gems.  And a bunch of guilty pleasures, which luckily have remained guilty pleasures.  And then, for some insane reason, I’ve also realized I owned way too many CDs that I know I never, ever liked.  Why were they even in my home?   (I’m speaking directly to you, Real World Records catalog.)

I would never post something like that for you though.  You only get pure goodness.  As proof, here’s a bit of deliciousness I just pulled in:  the best Madonna cover in the universe.  You really hear the beauty of the song so much on this version. Here you go – John Wesley Harding’s version of “Like a Prayer.

I’m sure it will make you want to run out and buy a case of Pepsi immediately.


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