Why Can’t We Live Together?

18 May

I had an interesting moment earlier.  Timmy Thomas (great name!) came on my iPod.  I know the song “Why Can’t We Live Together” like the back of my hand, having heard it probably about 5,000 times in my life.  But, as happens with a lot of things in life, I assumed I knew it so well that it no longer had the capacity to surprise me.

I was wrong.

I listened to it, really listened, today – and all of the goosebumps that I got from the sparse sound of drum machine and organ when I heard it the first 300 times came back twofold.

It’s shocking that it became such a huge hit (in 1972) if you think about it.  Not that it didn’t deserve to, mind you.  It’s just that it seems so jazz-like, so bold, so strange a sound to be coming out of little AM Top 40 Radio speakers.

Timmy Thomas never had another hit.  And I still don’t know why we can’t live together.


One Response to “Why Can’t We Live Together?”

  1. MRS May 18, 2011 at 6:12 pm #

    simply still the best.

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