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One Final Rant

28 Feb

I don't really have anything against Mr. Firth. He's just representative.

The more I think about The King’s Speech and especially Tom Hooper winning last night, the more annoyed I am.  Haven’t the Oscars awarded to Forrest Gump, Shakespeare in Love and Crash taught us anything?

It’s not like I didn’t think it was a good movie.  I did.  Just should never have won over The Social Network and David Fincher.

Here’s one of the things I did love about The King’s Speech:  the fact that it used one of my favorite pieces of music, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 in A Major, Op. 92, Allegretto.  I was wondering why I’ve had that in my head all day today, and just realized it must have been the darn Awards.

Anyway, download here.  It’s beautiful.


Movies Are a Mother to Me

27 Feb

As anyone who knows me will tell you, there’s pretty much nothing more important to me than movies.  I mean, after water and oxygen and love and stuff.  But you know what I mean.  And so tonight, Oscar Night, is the most important night of the entire year.

I’ve tried to explain how important this event is to me, but honestly the only way to fully explain it, is with this absolutely lovely tribute from 1970 by Loudon Wainwright III:  “Movies Are a Mother to Me.”  For those of you keeping track, he also re-recorded it a million years later, in 2008, but the original is so much better and since I only want the best for you, here it is.


A Perfect Relationship In One Easy Step

26 Feb

Boys:  think like a girl.  That’s all you need to do and everything will be wonderful and perfect.  It’s true.

P.S.  I almost forgot…download Diana King’s “Think Like a Girl” here.


Romantic Me

25 Feb

“Romantic Me.”

I’m thinking that might be a good epitaph.  Just my name, that phrase and the dates.  Hopefully I still have a bit more time to decide, but right now, it’s under contention.

For the time being, I guess,  it’s only the title of this song by the late-1970s group, Polyrock.  It’s the kind of song that, no matter what you think of it upon first listen, will curl up in your brain and you’ll be hitting repeat over and over.

Phillip Glass performed on and produced their first couple of albums.  You probably won’t be surprised at that once you hear it.

If I ruled the world, Polyrock would have been the ones that got the recognition that Talking Heads always received.  Good thing I rule Margauxville.

Download here, but watch the video, too.  It’s so of an era.


First Kiss

24 Feb

Lately I’ve been thinking about first romance stories.   Although “First Kiss” by Tom Waits is not nearly as good a story as mine is, it’s still pretty awesome.  (And his does involve Elkhart, Indiana, so he has that whole heartland thing going for him…jealous.)

Poor Mr. Waits.  Maybe one day he’ll be as good a storyteller as me.   Till then, you can hear all about his first kiss, here.


What Is Heaven?

23 Feb

This is what Merriam-Webster says:

I think heaven is the whole of our hearts.  Or the home of our hearts.  I hear them both.  And they’re both true.

Here’s the perfect “Heaven” by The Psychedelic Furs and the even more perfect cover by Buffalo Tom.

Download ’em.  Hopefully you’ll think you’d died and gone to…oh never mind.



22 Feb

I’m a sucker for ’60s psychedelia.  I’m pretty sure that if I had grown up during that era, the only thing in Margauxville today would be a plot of grass with a small marker.

“Birds In My Tree” by Strawberry Alarm Clock is one of my favorite songs, ever.  Most people think only of “Incense and Peppermints” if and when they think of Strawberry Alarm Clock, but this song is so much more.

Aside from the melody and guitar and everything else I love about it sonically, it also has pretty expansive lyrics.  Maybe I’m just feeling extra hippy-dippy these days, but having many birds in my tree is exactly the message I need right now.

Open your eyes to it, here.


Happy President’s Day!

21 Feb

Do you ever think that some things were just easier when Bush was around?  Like having songs such as “When the President Talks to God” by Bright Eyes being written, for instance.

Ah, the good ole days.

On another note, have you or do you know anyone who has ever visited Mt. Rushmore?  I don’t and I just realized that’s really weird.


Some Days Are Harder Than Others

20 Feb

Today’s song is “This Will be Our Year” by The Zombies because when I feel it least is when I have to try to believe it most.

Download your affirmation, here.


Come here baby…just a little bit closer

19 Feb

Last night I spent the wee small hours of the morning seeing Christian Marclay’s The Clock and I woke up with The Strangelove’s “Night Time” in my head.  I love the way the subconscious works.

But it makes sense.  The night time is the right time.  See for yourself, here.