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Romantic Me

25 Feb

“Romantic Me.”

I’m thinking that might be a good epitaph.  Just my name, that phrase and the dates.  Hopefully I still have a bit more time to decide, but right now, it’s under contention.

For the time being, I guess,  it’s only the title of this song by the late-1970s group, Polyrock.  It’s the kind of song that, no matter what you think of it upon first listen, will curl up in your brain and you’ll be hitting repeat over and over.

Phillip Glass performed on and produced their first couple of albums.  You probably won’t be surprised at that once you hear it.

If I ruled the world, Polyrock would have been the ones that got the recognition that Talking Heads always received.  Good thing I rule Margauxville.

Download here, but watch the video, too.  It’s so of an era.