Sun Turns Black, Moon Turns Blood & Iggy Pop Is On Idol

8 Apr

I haven’t seen American Idol this season, but last night as I was flipping through stations, I happened to catch it midway through Iggy Pop’s performance.  Huh?!  Iggy Pop on Idol???  I’m pretty sure that was a specific event that had to happen prior to The Rapture.

The performance was amazing on so many levels, not least of which was that I spent the rest of the evening listening to old Iggy and the Stooges stuff.  Take a gander.  I feel like it’s up there with PiL on American Bandstand.

30+ years after The Stooges first album and he’s still got it.  Orange, but incredible.

Here’s “No Fun,” from that first LP back in 1969.  I’ve also thrown in the Sex Pistols’ cover of it as well, which is also fantastic.


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