5 Aug

Friday!  Am I right or am I right?

If you’re getting ready to slide down the dinosaur’s tail, here is the absolutely perfect song to get you ready for your weekend:  “W.O.R.K.” by Bow Wow Wow.  And, oddly, even if you have the best job in the universe and want to work through the weekend, it will still somehow get you in the mood for that too.  Just ignore the words!

Once again, we need to look up to the heavens and thank Malcolm McLaren.  He put together Bow Wow Wow by convincing members of Adam & The Ants to leave and form a new band.  And then he hired 14 year old Anabella Lwin as the lead singer.  Genius move.

He had her artistically photographed nude – gorgeously recreating Manet’s “Le déjeuner sur l’herbe.”  Of course because she was 14, Scotland Yard got involved.  Malcolm promptly promised that he wouldn’t promote his lead singer as a “sex kitten” and Bow Wow Wow was allowed to leave the country and go on tour.  Ah, for the good old days. These days this picture would just be labeled “NSFW”….which is another reason to dowload “W.O.R.K.” right now and blast it!


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