I’ll Drink To That

23 Jul

Maybe it’s because Amy Winehouse died and I’ve heard her name about 10,000 times today, but I’ve had the word ‘wine’ swirling around in my brain all day.  Usually when I use wine and swirling around, my brain is not getting used at all, so this is a special day indeed.

Whatever the reason, thinking of the word ‘wine’ soon changed to thinking of the song “Strawberry Wine” by My Bloody Valentine.  This song is hazy in the same way that I’d feel after a bottle of strawberry wine.  Of course, in reality, no one named Margaux could ever even sip something so pedestrian as strawberry wine, but if I did ever, I know I’d be extra hazy….just like this track.

This business about strawberry wine reminds me of something.  You may already know that I had a friend who lost her virginity on Immaculate Conception Day.  Well here’s another story about her:  we went to some party once that was hosted by older kids who were dropouts and drug dealers (read:  attractive bad boys).  She drank a bottle of blackberry brandy and had to get taken to the hospital via ambulance to get her stomach pumped.  I had left long before this eventful incident.  (Let the record state that I didn’t even drink back then and I was home on time.)

But I do remember that my first thought when I heard about it the next day wasn’t even one of concern.  That was my second.  My first was “Blackberry Brandy?!  Ew, gross!”  Even a non-drinker knew that.

So while I can pretty much say with certainty that I will never drink strawberry wine as I’m sure it’s in the same vein as blackberry brandy, I do love consuming it aurally.

And to that I say, cheers.


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