I Could Be Happy. No, Really.

1 Aug

The other day one of my friends said that I better turn over a new leaf because she couldn’t bear another depressing post.  This was in response to my last one, “Hell is Around the Corner.”  I responded, jokingly, that if I pulled an Anna Karenina for some reason and threw myself in front of a train, someone, at some point, would say that they should have noticed these posts were a cry for help.

Don’t worry, I said I was joking.  Really, get off my sac.  But, it is actually funny that if some misfortune did befall me – say I fell in front of a train rather than leaped, someone could look at the rash of depressing songs and come to that conclusion and my memory would forever be marred.

So, it’s August.  I’m back to really (trying) to do my daily post and to post some super happy songs too – just to keep you guessing.  Or at the very least, songs that you might think were happy on first blush, but really are about something else entirely.  Like Altered Images’ absurdly infectious “I Could Be Happy.”

Happy August.  I’m happy it’s August.  Or am I?

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