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Oh, Hell-o

28 Jul

July hasn’t been a good month for consistency of postings here.  Good thing August is just around the corner.

Unfortunately, for me, I’m fairly certain that hell is around the corner as well, just waiting.  It stays dormant for awhile, and then poof! you have a visitor.  The worst kind of hell is the kind of hell like Tricky’s “Hell is Around the Corner.”

That’s the kind that seem so lovely and alluring, so sexy and great that you hit replay again and again until you realize too late that you’ve invited hell into your life. And made its supper and given it a warm bath.

Or maybe …. just maybe …. hell is actually lovely and alluring and sexy and great and just gets a bad rap for having, well, a hellish name.

We’ll see.  Something’s round the corner.  That’s for sure.