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Busy Doin’ Something

24 May

Whoa, just about midnight, barely in under the wire.  I’ve thought about posting a million times today, but it was a crazy busy one.  Here’s my favorite song about being busy and my favorite type of being busy:  “Busy Doin’ Nothing” by The Beach Boys.

It’s from “Friends,” which is frankly not a great Beach Boys album, but Mr. Brian Wilson nails it in this breezy song.  Love, love, love.

Almost makes being busy worth it jus to post this for you.



Count to three

23 May

It’s barely 1pm on a Monday and already I’ve had enough frustrations for the entire week.  What’s up, May 23rd?  What have I ever done to you?

‘Course my immediate reaction was to wrack my brain for the perfect annoyed, frustrated song, but then I realized….why?  Better to put some energy into a positive message on a day like today.  I mean, even if there’s blood on the wall, I could technically be happy, right?

Best Coast’s “Happy” is therefore the #1 perfect song for today.  May 23rd, go ahead, you can try to make me hate you.  But I won’t.  It’s impossible.



22 May

You’d think that after awhile I’d learn to not believe some people.  You know the ones – those who say they’ll follow through, don’t and worse yet,  probably don’t even notice they haven’t.

Here’s a chilly sentiment for a chilly gray day in late May.  You know the month – the one you don’t expect to exhibit that type of weather behavior.

It’s a pretty short post today. Frankly P.J. Harvey’s “Silence” already says entirely too much on the subject.


XXX Marks the Spot

21 May

I almost never plan what I’m going to write about or what song to post in advance of the day, but today, May 21st, is an exception.  May 21st is a very important date for me.  It was the date, way back when, when I met the most perfect boy in the world.  It’s also the birthday of the very talented Rebecca Moore (more on her in a subsequent post!).  But neither of these super important events have anything to do with today’s song.

There’s someone else in my life with a birthday today, a friend named Anonymous Gentleman.  If you met him, you might think he’s just a regular guy.  But barely hidden beneath his meat-and-potatoes exterior is the dirtiest mind you’ve ever come across.  The stuff that comes out of his mouth would make even the brashest teenage boy blush.  We can be talking about the most mundane thing and somehow he manages to get a sexual reference in there.  Not even innuendo mind you, but full-on raunch.   So I knew months ago that today I would post the spiciest song I could think of and dedicate it just to him.

Although I threatened to expose his real name here (and even more importantly mock his website name and philosophy behind said url), I was only teasing.  I would never really ‘out’ him.  No, Anonymous Gentleman has way too much stuff on me.   I mean, when I come out to the world as a huge Debbie Gibson fan, I want to do it myself, not because I’m responding to some allegation somewhere.  Oh &*%$!  Well, I guess that’s out there.  It’s true.  I AM a huge fan of the Gibber but that too is the subject for another post.

Back to hardcore…

Anonymous Gentleman, Happy Birthday.  I hope that both you and other tourists of Margauxxxville enjoy Lil’ Kim’s “Big Momma Thang.” I think you will.  It’s not only right up your, um, alley, but it also has a great hook that’ll stick around for a long time.  I’ve often thought you might have written these lyrics, as I can’t imagine you didn’t.  So dirty, so you.

And thank you, A.G., for having your birthday on a Saturday, very considerate.   This song is definitely NSFW.


The Rapture

20 May

This Monkey's Gone to Heaven

I can’t stop thinking about this End of the World stuff.  Not in a believing-it kind of way, but in an I’m-absolutely-fascinated-by-those-who-do kind of way.  Apparently my initial assumptions about tomorrow were all wrong.  Today isn’t the last full day of the world, it’s just the last full day on Earth for Harold Camping’s Christian followers.  The actual end of the world isn’t for six more months, on October 21st.  As of tomorrow, most, if not all, of us will have six months of playtime without those crazy people trying to buzzkill all our fun!

One of the most interesting aspects of The Rapture for me is the whole 6pm thing.  Basically big earthquakes are going to start in Australia at 6p their time and work their way around all the time zones, always hitting at 6p.  If 200,000 people vaporizing doesn’t convince you, I’m pretty sure the earthquake synchronization will.

Just playing Devil’s Advocate here, but what excuse do you think they’ll give if they are still here tomorrow?  I was in the Union Square subway station a few minutes ago and there were so many people with placards and megaphones going on and on about The End.  Are they really just going to say “oops!”?

I know your burning question probably has more to do with why I’m writing this today and not tomorrow.  My answer to you is – hey, you never know.  I wanted to make sure I got my Rapture song posted.  And no, it’s not “Rapture.”  Nor is any one of countless metal Doomsday songs out there.  No, mine is for Harold Camping himself:  “Monkey Gone to Heaven” by The Pixies.

I’m assuming I’ll be posting before 6p tomorrow, but just in case I’ve been sucked up by mistake, enjoy the next six months.


God’s L.S.D.

19 May

Whoa.  I just discovered the craziest song that has somehow eluded my knowledge until just this morning.  All these years of listening to oddball music and I missed this?  It’s remarkable, on so many levels.  You may remember that I love interesting gospel tracks as well as drug reference songs.  So how do you think I feel now that I’ve found the two together?!

I give you Professor Harold Boggs & The Boggs Specials’ “God’s L.S.D.”  Yes, that’s what I said….God’s L.S.D.


Oddly enough, in a funny coincidence, some  of the main drug trafficking laws came into being under The Bogg’s Act.  How perfect is that?  I get high on life when I see connections like that!


Why Can’t We Live Together?

18 May

I had an interesting moment earlier.  Timmy Thomas (great name!) came on my iPod.  I know the song “Why Can’t We Live Together” like the back of my hand, having heard it probably about 5,000 times in my life.  But, as happens with a lot of things in life, I assumed I knew it so well that it no longer had the capacity to surprise me.

I was wrong.

I listened to it, really listened, today – and all of the goosebumps that I got from the sparse sound of drum machine and organ when I heard it the first 300 times came back twofold.

It’s shocking that it became such a huge hit (in 1972) if you think about it.  Not that it didn’t deserve to, mind you.  It’s just that it seems so jazz-like, so bold, so strange a sound to be coming out of little AM Top 40 Radio speakers.

Timmy Thomas never had another hit.  And I still don’t know why we can’t live together.