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It Was So Sublime

23 Apr

If any of you read my “real” blog, you may remember the story about hash brownies at a YoYo Ma concert.  “Real blog” is in quotes because although I consider it to be just that, I’m horribly, woefully behind in writing it.  Sigh.

Anyway, I went to that show with a person who remains one of the loveliest, most treasured people from my past and of course someone about whom I have tons of guilt and conflict.  I don’t think of him all that often, but I’m going through my CDs now, trying to decide which I rip before I get rid of them (yay!), and I came across one by The Ocean Blue.

Incidentally, this does not mean I am actually up to the “O”s in my endeavor, unfortunately, since I am just grabbing arbitrary handfuls… But I had forgotten about The Ocean Blue!   They were from Hershey, PA, which always surprised me and I still believe they were secretly British.  Plus it didn’t hurt that my second favorite man in the music biz, Seymour Stein, signed them to Sire which gave them instant cred.

But, since I didn’t discover any of this till much later when the song, “Sublime” was on a mixtape that was given to me by you-know-who, I still thought of him instantly when I pulled out the disc.  I love the jangly positivity of this song.   I guess you could call it twee or something, but I never would.  Baby, I know you don’t read this, but if you did, I would tell you it goes out to you.  And then I’d ask you to help me with some manual labor.  Some things never change.

For everyone else, the only bit of labor I’m asking for you to do is right-click download, here.



Happy Earth Day To You…

22 Apr

Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time, for y’all have knocked her up.

Maggot Brain, by Funkadelic, is one of those must-have albums, and much of the reason is right here in this title track.  Legend has it that George Clinton told guitarist Eddie Hazel to play the first half like his mama just died and the second half as if she came back to life –  and the result is a guitar solo that is so emotional that it’s downright profound.

You can download the song here, of course, but you really should make sure you own this whole album.  I’m even tempted to use the word “revolutionary” to describe it.

Happy Earth Day.


Goodnight, John-Boy

21 Apr

I know I should be writing about how Iris DeMent is incredibly talented and how she’s one of the most compelling voices in country/folk music today, but what I want to discuss is how she’s the youngest of 14 children.  I’m fascinated by that.  It seems so unnatural – although I guess it’s likely the opposite.

Here’s my favorite song off of her first album, “Our Town.”  I’d like to think that “nothing good ever lasts” is untrue, but I suspect she may have been on to something there. And on that atypical pessimistic note, download this beauty here.


The High Life

20 Apr

It’s just too easy a choice for today.  Am I being lazy?  I guess that’s probably an appropriate trait to have.

Here’s Black Uhuru’s 1980 classic, “Sinsemilla.”  I recommend listening with a Funny Bone.


How Do You Say “Garage” in Lebanese?

19 Apr

Ready for some Lebanese garage band pop?  I thought so!  Hailing from Beirut, The Sea-ders (later The Cedars) recorded some tracks in the mid-60s but only a couple have surfaced.    Here’s the “For Your Information.”  Judging from this song and the one other I’ve heard,  I’m not sure why all ten tracks weren’t released.

I thought it was appropriate to post today because if you look fast, they’re almost The Seders….


Tax Day

18 Apr

You know the adage.  There are three things you can depend on:  death, taxes and a song posted on Margauxville.

I always wondered who the people were who waited till the last day to file their taxes, but I’m sitting in a room with two other people now and neither of them have filed yet.   Go figure.

The only reason I would have not filed by now is if not paying my NY State or City taxes would result in Mayor Mike Bloomberg coming to my house personally to handcuff me.  Since that (sadly) isn’t the case, of course I have been filed for weeks.

But I digress.

Here’s a little guilty pleasure of mine to listen to in case you still have to file:  Steve Miller Band’s “Take the Monday and Run.”  Perfect sentiment for the day, no?

Now if Mayor Mike Bloomberg would come arrest me while I … oh, never mind.


Easy Living

17 Apr

For the most part, prog rock makes my skin crawl.  I can make exceptions for some early stuff – namely Pink Floyd and King Crimson – but as far as the lion’s share of it goes, I run screaming.   And the later stuff makes me downright cower under the table.

But then there are the prog rock/metal songs that I just can’t help but love.  “Easy Living” by Uriah Heep is one of those.  It’s the metal part that makes me hit “repeat” again and again, probably.  Sheer fun!

Maybe I should give prog rock another shot.  Actually, maybe this is my subconscious telling me I should give Dickens another shot.  I’ve never ever liked him and I’ve always blamed his yucky serialization writing for my distaste, but maybe my warm and fuzzy feeling for Uriah Heep, the group, will transfer to Uriah Heep, the David Copperfield character.  Does it work that way?

While I’m pondering that, please download the song!  After all, it’s Sunday, the day of easy living, and “Easy Living”  will bring ease in the most energizing way.  Such yin and yang!