To Time Warner Cable

13 Apr

Mercury in retrograde is in full effect all over the place in Margauxville.  All best intentions aside, it was impossible for me to post yesterday.  No cable.  No internet.  Margauxville in the Middle Ages.

I cannot believe I missed a day!   And not just any day!  Yesterday was David Cassidy’s birthday!  I learned this fact many years ago and have not once forgotten.  My mother always tells me it’s also my cousin’s, but let’s face facts:  it’s David Cassidy’s.

A few weeks ago, I caught the one episode of The Celebrity Apprentice on which he appeared and I wish I hadn’t.  It’s not like I have anything against aging per se, but David Cassidy is not aging well.  I feel guilty saying this, but I was so happy that he was voted off first so I didn’t have to watch the show after that.  Actually what I feel guilty about is that I didn’t have to watch him, specifically, after that.

Musically, I know it make sense to think you could just dismiss him or The Partridge Family as just having been manufactured tween schlock, but I will make one airtight argument against that:  “I Can Feel Your Heartbeat.”

If I didn’t tell you who it was, but just said it was some 1970s group, you’d like it.  I’m quite sure.  It’s of the era, for sure, but it’s sssssssolid.

Happy birthday, David.  I really meant to tell you on the day itself.  And, oh yeah, cuz, hope you had a happy birthday too.

And the internet is still not fixed 24 hours later.  I’m posting this from elsewhere where the magic of technology still exists. “I Can Feel Your Heartbeat” was April 12th’s song and today’s song is dedicated to Time-Warner Cable.

Shake Some Action,” by the Flamin’ Groovies will hopefully spur on some action to get the situation fixed.  Thinkin’ positively!  Plus it’s a thoroughly intoxicating song.  It was produced by Dave Edmunds which of course underscores the inherent joy.

I hope they fix it soon.  But just in case,  I am mentally preparing to write tomorrow’s post with a quill pen – and using a gramophone.


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