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Um, Tony Banks?!

14 Aug

At the end of the year I think I’m going to find it interesting to see which artists I never in a million years thought would have made an appearance here, did.  Today’s choice will definitely be on that list.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I have never been much of a prog-rock fan.  I never even went through a phase.  So it won’t come as a surprise that I never bothered to listen to Tony Banks’ solo albums.  (For those of you that even less into prog-rock than I, Tony Banks was a founding member of and driving force in Genesis.)

I recently heard a song from his 1983 solo album, The Fugitive, and immediately regretted always ignoring it.  “By You” is now a new favorite.  Tony’s not a fantastic singer and I’m guessing he kept the songs much simpler than Genesis ones in order to play to his singing.  Whatever his reason, I’m super happy he did because now we have a simple and beautiful song instead of an over-complicated, overly-serious musical composition.

I’ve already had it on repeat for about 20x.  I’m compulsive that way.  I don’t expect you to do that, but aim for at least twice in a row.  So, so nice.  Kind of perfect to listen to with the sound of the rain outside.

That’s the good part.  The scary part is that I guess this means I should check out the rest of The Fugitive.  I love “By You” so why am I dreading this?  I’m trying to get out of my own way and all my pre-conceptions in general….I suppose I can start with Tony Banks.  Wish me luck.


Easy Living

17 Apr

For the most part, prog rock makes my skin crawl.  I can make exceptions for some early stuff – namely Pink Floyd and King Crimson – but as far as the lion’s share of it goes, I run screaming.   And the later stuff makes me downright cower under the table.

But then there are the prog rock/metal songs that I just can’t help but love.  “Easy Living” by Uriah Heep is one of those.  It’s the metal part that makes me hit “repeat” again and again, probably.  Sheer fun!

Maybe I should give prog rock another shot.  Actually, maybe this is my subconscious telling me I should give Dickens another shot.  I’ve never ever liked him and I’ve always blamed his yucky serialization writing for my distaste, but maybe my warm and fuzzy feeling for Uriah Heep, the group, will transfer to Uriah Heep, the David Copperfield character.  Does it work that way?

While I’m pondering that, please download the song!  After all, it’s Sunday, the day of easy living, and “Easy Living”  will bring ease in the most energizing way.  Such yin and yang!