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My Favorite # is 45.

16 Apr

Today is Record Store Day – and what I should be posting is a record that I just bought.  Instead, what I did, is go inside to the record room and close my eyes and point.  My finger gets a total gold star today because what it picked out was the 7″ single of Killing Joke’s “Wardance.”

Seriously, does my subconscious rock, or what?

“Wardance” was the first single from the first album Killing Joke released.  I almost never forget how much I love vinyl, but I do sometimes forget how much I love 45s.  It is important to point out that my favorite ball player of all time, Tug McGraw, was number 45.  The joyous picture of him above is from 1980.  Same year as “The Wardance.”  Coincidence?  I think not.

You gotta believe.