Tax Day

18 Apr

You know the adage.  There are three things you can depend on:  death, taxes and a song posted on Margauxville.

I always wondered who the people were who waited till the last day to file their taxes, but I’m sitting in a room with two other people now and neither of them have filed yet.   Go figure.

The only reason I would have not filed by now is if not paying my NY State or City taxes would result in Mayor Mike Bloomberg coming to my house personally to handcuff me.  Since that (sadly) isn’t the case, of course I have been filed for weeks.

But I digress.

Here’s a little guilty pleasure of mine to listen to in case you still have to file:  Steve Miller Band’s “Take the Monday and Run.”  Perfect sentiment for the day, no?

Now if Mayor Mike Bloomberg would come arrest me while I … oh, never mind.


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