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Rainy Days & Mondays

21 Mar

It may seem like too obvious a choice, but “Rainy Days and Mondays” is one of my all-time favorite songs.  Actually, except for a couple of misses, pretty much everything The Carpenters did falls into the all-time favorite category.

Karen’s voice is so rich, so sad and so moving.  And, really, who doesn’t like a girl drummer?  I was going to include a cover version here, to help try to avoid the obvious, but those really fall into two categories:  versions that aren’t nearly as good or versions that are done ironically.  And neither is good enough for Margauxville.

So…the original, here.  You may have it already, but regardless, it’s always worth a listen.  Especially on a rainy Monday.


First Day of Spring

20 Mar

Spring in NYC

“I get along fine without you.  I get along fine without you, except in Spring.  So I never think of the Spring.  It would surely break my heart in two.  But I get along fine without you.”

Erik Sanko, better known as either part of Lounge Lizards or Skeleton Key, released his first solo album in 2001.  And this fantastic, oft-forgotten and sometimes maligned song, “I Get Along Fine” is part of it.

There is no other song which better suits the first day of Spring.  So here you go.  Listen to it outside – just make sure to do it today.  I just heard the words “wintry mix” regarding this coming week….

Please don’t take this entry the wrong way.  I get along fine without you.  Except when I write a new blog post.  So I never think of a new blog post.  But I get along fine without you.


Last Day of Winter

19 Mar

Central Park, ©2011, Paul Kelly

I love snow.  I love the feeling of being so cold and uncomfortable one minute and then being warm and cozy the next.  From that perspective, Winter 2010/2011 was wonderful.

When I see photos like the amazingly beautiful one above by Paul Kelly, I actually wish that’s what I was looking at in person right now.  But there are other perspectives, too, and this Winter was such a mixed bag for me.  I suppose overall,  I’m glad to see it go….which is good since I also don’t have a choice.

Here’s “Winter” by The Rolling Stones.  You have 24 hours to listen to it before it becomes obsolete.



Lonely Blue Girl

18 Mar

It’s amazingly beautiful out and that should be making me super happy, but I’m feeling blue.  That’s a drag.  But at least I have something perfect to listen to:  “Lonely Blue Boy” by Conway Twitty.

Download here.


Green With Envy

17 Mar

Guess I need to do an Irish thing today, huh?

Once I liked someone very much who called me “sweet thing” in one of our initial email exchanges and it made my heart sing.

These days the closest I get to that is Van Morrison’s “Sweet Thing.”  Good thing I’m not Irish because my eyes aren’t really smiling at that fact right now.  Download here.

P.S.  For my real take on St. Patrick’s Day, please read my “real” blog post.


Surf’s Up

16 Mar

Over here in Margauxville, the French band, The Cavaliers, have been in heavy rotation this afternoon.  Or should I say the “French surf and savage rock’n’roll” band, which is how they bill themselves.

I just found this posting they wrote imploring a record label to sign them.  It starts:  “We, The Cavaliers, are looking for a record label.”  Read the rest here.    So, to all my high powered A&R guys, do something!  Sign them!

You can download one of their tracks here, to whet your appetite.  (By the way, it’s either called “Le Ride du Jugement Dernier” or “Menace sur la Cote” – it’s weird, but it exists both ways in my iTunes library.)



Beware the Ides of March

15 Mar

2055 years ago today, Julius Caesar was killed by Brutus and betrayal’s never been the same.

When I was thinking of this momentous occasion earlier, I thought it would be super obvious to post the Ides of March’s huge 1970 hit, “Vehicle.”  The only really interesting reason to do that is because the main guy, Jim Peterik, went on to found Survivor and give us “Eye of the Tiger.”

Then I was going to post The Caesars’ “Jerk It Out” but that didn’t feel right either.

I’ve finally decided on The Hives’ “B is for Brutus.”

Wait!  That’s 4 songs today!  4!  I guess I’m just in that holiday kind of mood!

Happiest Ides of March to you and yours!


Baby’s On Fire

14 Mar

I know I’m obsessed, but it’s hard not to be.  Aside from “Radiation Vibe,” I’ve also been singing “Baby’s On Fire” by Brian Eno a lot these days.

I love glam Eno.  I love glam Eno not associated with nuclear plants on fire more, but….   Download this perfect gem here.

Also, as a reminder, better places to donate to Japan other than the Red Cross are listed here!


Un Verdad

13 Mar

Feeling awful always sounds better in Spanish.

Want proof?  Download “Lágrimas Negras” by Bebo & Cigala and vea.


Radiation Vibe

12 Mar

So the only good thing that’s come out of the ‘earthquake-tsunami-subsequent radiation-what next’  is that I have one of my old favorite songs in my head: “Radiation Vibe” from the very first Fountains of Wayne record.  And now you will too – download here.

And that’s why you should love us Sagitarrians.  We’re always looking on the bright side.