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Oh Lucky Day

7 Jul

7.7.11.   This has got to be foolproof date for all things lucky!

I know all about luck.  A Sagittarius, I’m automatically prone to being lucky.  This is a very good thing because it offsets all the damage a Sagittarian gets into from clumsiness and tactlessness.  Being naturally lucky also makes it easy it quite easy to be an optimist.

When I hear the word “luck” my mind automatically goes to the ‘good’ side of it.  I find it curious when I come into contact with those who automatically go the ‘bad’ side of luck immediately.  I guess I’d make the worst blues singer.  This is, in fact, rather unlucky, since that would be the best genre for me since I can’t really sing.  But generally speaking, I’m happy to be an optimist.

But it is also true that in some cases, the unlucky ones have an allure. Of course it’s easier to stomach the “woe is me” types when they come packaged in sexiness.  (God knows a dose of sexy can make a lot of bad traits palatable…)

Chet Baker is the sexy black cloud.  So on 7.7.11 you are lucky enough to get one of my favorite unlucky songs: “Everything Happens To Me.”  Now go buy a lottery ticket.

Radiation Vibe

12 Mar

So the only good thing that’s come out of the ‘earthquake-tsunami-subsequent radiation-what next’  is that I have one of my old favorite songs in my head: “Radiation Vibe” from the very first Fountains of Wayne record.  And now you will too – download here.

And that’s why you should love us Sagitarrians.  We’re always looking on the bright side.