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Rock ‘n’ Roll!

25 May

I could write a weekly post on The Mekons and never get to all the songs that mean so much to me.  But if pressed to name the single album by them that I’d snatch if a fire broke out, I’d have to say “Rock ‘n’ Roll.”  (By the way, just to be safe, I have to un-jinx anything and say that I never, ever want a fire to break out.)  “Rock ‘n’ Roll” is so full of authentic rock ‘n’ roll attitude.

“Rock ‘n’ Roll” is their EIGHTH album, too.  Craziness!  And I think there have been 9 or 10 since then!  It’s really a musical feat for a band to keep up their power for so long.

Here’s one of of the reasons I would save “Rock ‘n’ Roll” if a fire broke out (which it won’t, ever):  “Memphis, Egypt.”  Don’t forget…rock ‘n’  roll is best played  LOUD.


Baby’s On Fire

14 Mar

I know I’m obsessed, but it’s hard not to be.  Aside from “Radiation Vibe,” I’ve also been singing “Baby’s On Fire” by Brian Eno a lot these days.

I love glam Eno.  I love glam Eno not associated with nuclear plants on fire more, but….   Download this perfect gem here.

Also, as a reminder, better places to donate to Japan other than the Red Cross are listed here!