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11 Mar

Song of the Day is, sadly, “God Moving Over the Face of the Waters” by Moby  — from his appropriately named ‘Everything is Wrong’ album.  Download here.

Also, if you’re thinking of giving money to the relief efforts, I really urge you to consider an organization other than the Red Cross.  Direct Relief International, Doctors without Borders or my personal favorite, Partners in Health are all better as far as actually getting it right.  I’m sure there are others.  While it’s easy to text $10 to the Red Cross, for any real donations, please think about it.  (In fact, read this to decide when you think might be the right time to donate.)



10 Mar

I’m a big fan of the Scissor Sisters.  They often remind me of this millennium’s Sparks.  (I think Margauxville is overdue for some Sparks, but I digress….)

Since my mood is pretty much the same mood as it was for yesterday’s song, I give you “I Can’t Decide.”

Because I really can’t.


Roses Have Thorns. Why Was I Born?

9 Mar

Sometimes I just have to concede that I don’t have more to add other than the lyrics.  “Roses Have Thorns” by Larry John McNally  sums up my mood pretty nicely precisely.

Download here.  Carefully, though!  Thorns hurt!


International Woman of Mystery

8 Mar

Today is International Women’s Day.   It’s even more: it’s the centennial celebration of International Women’s Day.  I’m actually not one for these kind of differentiating celebrations in general but I am especially offended by this one.   Here’s why:

Look at this logo!

Is that the best they could do?  If this represents women, it makes me embarrassed to be a woman.

In comparison, I would much rather have this one:

At least I can have fun with that.

What is actually good about International Women’s Day is that it gives me an excuse to give you one of the most soulful, fabulous estrogen-commending songs:  “I Am Woman” by Koko Taylor.  It’s incredible*. I promise. Download here.

*suitable for both males and females



7 Mar

I have a complete crush on Mark Everett or E, as the force behind eels is called.  I really do.

Of course my crush means I couldn’t pick just one song to post, so day trippers to Margauxville get a bonus today…a happy Monday bonus!  Two eels tracks!  You’re so lucky.

Here are two very different sides of my man: “Dog Faced Boy” and “It’s a Motherfucker.” Download them and love them, but don’t love-love them.  They’re spoken for.



6 Mar

I’m very happy that my friend Brian just played “Buttercup,” the newest song from Lucinda Williams on his great radio program Songs on Toast.  ( , Noon EST on Sundays.)   I really like it.  The song, that is.  The show, I love.  It’s on now.  Go.  Listen.

In the spirit of playing it forward or whatever that expression is, here you go.  That’s the song.  Not the show.


Harlem Airshaft

5 Mar

There is no song that more aptly describes my day than “Harlem Airshaft,” recorded by Duke Ellington back in 1940.  I could explain but I’m just too exhausted.

What I will do instead is tell you a little bit about the song.  Or rather, I’ll let Duke do the talking:

“You get the full essence of Harlem in an air shaft.  You  hear fights, you smell dinner, you hear people    making love. You hear intimate gossip floating down. You hear the radio. An air shaft is one great loudspeaker, you hear people praying, fighting and snoring.”

On an unrelated note,  my father was the white version of Duke.  Not as a musician or anything, but as far as looks.  It’s really quite astonishing.


Dad, um I mean Duke, recording "Harlem Airshaft"

Download here.


A Joy Division Puzzle

4 Mar

I came across a song recently called “Radio City of Love” by Japanese singer, Morio Agata.   It’s on a hard to find reissue compilation called “Vanity – Finest Selection, 1978-81.” As a life-long Joy Division fan, I find it fascinating that I wouldn’t have heard this song before this week.

It’s ridiculously close to “She’s Lost Control” – or “She’s Lost Control” is ridiculously close to it.  I’m not sure which came first.  It seems like they both came out in 1979, so it’s anybody’s guess, but the information I can find is very minimal.

Regardless, it’s shocking to not have heard this, or have ever even heard a discussion about the similarity of the  two tracks.  Listen for yourself here and here.

Weird!  Does anyone have any info?


Curious in Margauxville


It Ain’t No Good Till It Hurts a Little Bit

3 Mar

Millie Jackson (or as I like to refer to her, the first Miss-Jackson-If-You’re-Nasty) summed it up pretty well in her 1973 soul nugget, “Hurts So Good.”

Incidentally, it will really hurt my feelings if you don’t download it here. And I don’t mean in a hurts so good kind of way.


Something I’ve Noticed

2 Mar

Don’t you think it’s interesting that some of the meanest songs are the most catchy?

I present Exhibit A:  “Get Out of My Life Woman” by Solomon Burke.  Download here.

Okay,  your witness.