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A Joy Division Puzzle

4 Mar

I came across a song recently called “Radio City of Love” by Japanese singer, Morio Agata.   It’s on a hard to find reissue compilation called “Vanity – Finest Selection, 1978-81.” As a life-long Joy Division fan, I find it fascinating that I wouldn’t have heard this song before this week.

It’s ridiculously close to “She’s Lost Control” – or “She’s Lost Control” is ridiculously close to it.  I’m not sure which came first.  It seems like they both came out in 1979, so it’s anybody’s guess, but the information I can find is very minimal.

Regardless, it’s shocking to not have heard this, or have ever even heard a discussion about the similarity of the  two tracks.  Listen for yourself here and here.

Weird!  Does anyone have any info?


Curious in Margauxville