A Joy Division Puzzle

4 Mar

I came across a song recently called “Radio City of Love” by Japanese singer, Morio Agata.   It’s on a hard to find reissue compilation called “Vanity – Finest Selection, 1978-81.” As a life-long Joy Division fan, I find it fascinating that I wouldn’t have heard this song before this week.

It’s ridiculously close to “She’s Lost Control” – or “She’s Lost Control” is ridiculously close to it.  I’m not sure which came first.  It seems like they both came out in 1979, so it’s anybody’s guess, but the information I can find is very minimal.

Regardless, it’s shocking to not have heard this, or have ever even heard a discussion about the similarity of the  two tracks.  Listen for yourself here and here.

Weird!  Does anyone have any info?


Curious in Margauxville


One Response to “A Joy Division Puzzle”

  1. jonathan.shipman@mccann.com March 4, 2011 at 4:10 pm #

    From the great new Vanity Records comp, Vanity: Finest Selection 1978-1981. Vanity was a short-lived, experimental electronic/post-punk label in the late ’70′s/early 80′s. This track from folk-rock singer-turned electro pop experimentalist Morio Agata sounds a dead ringer for Joy Division‘s “She’s Lost Control.” Almost TOO much, but I love it. Even though this was just released a couple of months ago, it was limited to 1000 copies on white vinyl, and is already hard to come by. If you see it, pick it up.

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