Big Troubles

10 Jul

Generally speaking, even though I love drama, I prefer to stay away from trouble.  Especially big trouble.  And also generally speaking, I like big troubles to stay far away from me.  Except for one.  I rather like the band, Big Troubles.

They’re from Ridgewood, New Jersey of all places, which would seem like a big enough trouble to surmount, but I guess they don’t let big troubles bog them down.  If you don’t know of them yet, you should.  Or should I get all predictive and say ‘you will’?  They’ve been doing a bit of a PR push lately because their second album is coming out in September, so you may have already come across a recent article or so.  Plus they’re touring this summer with a band that you better be familiar with now since they graced Margauxville on April 30th, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

That’s actually an amazing pairing for suckers of jangly pop like me.  Listen to just one example of why you should care about Big Troubles:  “Misery.”  Go on, download; misery loves company.


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