Little Beaver

11 Jul

Little Beaver, aka William Hale, is a soul and blues artist who epitomizes steamy Southern-style soul.  He’s also one someone whose career was sadly put to an end by the advent of disco in the mid-late ’70s.  But before that, woo-eee.  He was born in Arkansas, but moved to Florida as a teen and basically embodied the sound of Miami soul on his recordings for the local Cat/TK label.

Here’s one:  “Funkadelic Sound.”  It’s clearly in the soul tradition of James Brown, but its sheer funkadelic sound should not be ignored.   Little Beaver was not just a solo artist.  He was also an in-demand session guitarist even long after his own career came to a close.  Just listen to the awesome riff you hear on the hit by fellow Floridian Betty Wright’s “Clean Up Woman” – and give thanks for Little Beaver.  Incidentally, when you listen to “Clean Up Woman,” here’s something crazy to think about – she was just 17 when she recorded that!

Just because this is one of the shorter posts in Margauxville history does not in any way diminish how fantastic and funky Little Beaver is.  Or how great Betty Wright is.  If anything, blame my brevity on my still harboring a grudge against Florida for the 2000 election.  Or maybe it’s just that it’s hot and I want to get away from the computer.   Whatever the reason, it’s definitely no reflection on the funky funkiness herein.


One Response to “Little Beaver”

  1. aikanae November 18, 2012 at 2:58 pm #

    Thank you so much! You have introduced me to tons of new sounds that I never knew existed. Great blog.

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