People Make the World Go Round

9 Jul

I’m a big fan of 70s Philly soul music and The Stylistics are one of my absolute favorite groups on my long list of artists I completely dig in this genre.   Their song “Betcha By Golly Wow” is of super importance in my life and I always would have assumed that that’s the one I’d choose to highlight here, but I should know better than to predict my own behavior.

I’ve had “People Make the World Go Round” in my head all day and hopefully you’ll have it in your head all day tomorrow.  It’s quite a song.  From their debut album in 1972, it goes after all members of the social strata – from garbage collectors to Wall Streeters.  “But that’s what makes world go round…” as they say.

Maybe I was thinking of it because I was in a sea of humanity today.  I went to see the life-changing Alexander McQueen show yet again.  The Met on a Saturday at a blockbuster show…yikes.  Then to The Highline – on a gorgeous weekend day.  More yikes.  Then, believe it or not, to a mall.  Oddly that was the place most devoid of people.  Throw in some restaurants and transportation and I’ve had more contact with people in this one day than I had all of last month.  And to top it all off, I was a magnet for every bad seed of a child today as well.
But none of it annoyed me in the least.  Well maybe one or two of the kids.  But nothing else.  It was just the world rotating perfectly on it’s axis.  People do make the world go round.

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