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5 Jul

Micheline Bernardini in the world's first bikini, 1946

I bet you didn’t realize what an important date July 5th played in your life.  Sixty-five years ago, the bikini was introduced, changing tan lines forever.   Oddly enough, two separate designers set to revolutionize the beach at the very same time, each one working on his version of the two-piece.

Jacques Heim named his the “atome,” after the teensy atom, and marketed it as “the world’s smallest bathing suit.”  But someone else – Louis Reard – managed to eclipse le atome with ‘bikini.’  It’s really quite amazing.  Reard wasn’t even a full-time designer.  He was a mechanical engineer whose hobbies including swimsuit design.  But while he and Heim had the same idea, Reard was a far better marketer.  His slogan? “Bikini — smaller than the smallest bathing suit in the world.”

And so, on July 5th, 1946, model Micheline Bernardini unleashed the first bikini to the world.   Damn all of them!  Just the other day as I stood in a three way mirror under florescent lights, I decided I’d like to bring back the bathing attire of the 1920s.  But that’s just me.

I have to believe that many a relationship has been started because of a teensy bikini.  And I’m equally sure that the vast majority of them end around Labor Day.  And here’s a great ode to the summer fling – “Summertime Girlfriend” by A.M. 60.  A.M. 60 was an infectious band fronted by Chris Root, who also had a great band before that (The Mosquitos) and has a different dreamy one now (Undersea Poem).  Since that’s three bands, I think I have license to use the other two in subsequent posts.

I’m a  big A.M. 60 fan.  I used an incredibly great song of theirs, “Just A Dream,” in a Schwinn commercial I produced last year.  You should buy it.  The song, not the bike.  Although the bikes are super nice too.

Okay, I need to go do some crunches.  It is bikini season after all.


Summer Solstice

21 Jun

As far as seasons go, I like Fall the best, Spring second best and Winter third best, if it’s snowy.  If it’s not, then maybe Summer third best.  But in either scenario, Summer doesn’t top the list.

What’s strange about this is that I absolutely love heat. I love being super hot to the point of uncomfortableness.  Actually, maybe Summer should be higher up. Yeah.  I need to think more carefully about this. Today, the first day of Summer, is the longest day in the year.  It’s all downhill from this point.  Or uphill if you’re like me.

Earlier today, a friend and I were trying decide what the perfect First Day of Summer Song would be and “Sun Is Out” by Apples in Stereo won hands-down.  I’m sure you’ll agree.  In fact, I’m listening to it as I’m writing this and I’m realizing that my earlier ranking was definitely wrong.

I like Fall best and then SpringSummerWinter second best.



8 Jun

Man, is it hot in the NYC.  I was trying to think of the hottest song I knew and I kept coming back to Isaac Hayes’ 12 minute version of “Walk On By.”  You just don’t get more hot and sultry and soulful than this.

It’s from his LP ‘Hot Buttered Soul.’  Those three words – “Hot Buttered Soul” – say much more than I could ever say on the subject.

It’s too hot to type.  The computer is burning my lap.  Why dont you get into something a little more comfortable, download, pour an ice cold beer and I promise these 12 minutes will make a difference in your night.  Money back guarantee.



31 May

Here in NY we’ve been having the most delicious summer weather.  I mean early summer, so no humidity and no smelly street garbage.  I can’t swear to it, but I’d bet that even Chinatown doesn’t have its summer stench yet.

In weather as lovely as this, it’s hard to imagine that shortly it will be riot season.  You know, where it gets so hot and tempers flare so much and the possibility of riots skyrockets.  Riots happen more often in summer.  It’s true, trust me.

The Violators, a mostly forgotten but incredible British punk band, has a great song about the UK riots of ’81 called, not surprisingly, “Summer of ’81.”  The beginning of the track gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.   I know I should wait till it gets more rioty out (August?) to post this, but I’ve always had an impatient streak.

And you should be glad I do.  It gives you two more months to enjoy it.