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Summer Solstice

21 Jun

As far as seasons go, I like Fall the best, Spring second best and Winter third best, if it’s snowy.  If it’s not, then maybe Summer third best.  But in either scenario, Summer doesn’t top the list.

What’s strange about this is that I absolutely love heat. I love being super hot to the point of uncomfortableness.  Actually, maybe Summer should be higher up. Yeah.  I need to think more carefully about this. Today, the first day of Summer, is the longest day in the year.  It’s all downhill from this point.  Or uphill if you’re like me.

Earlier today, a friend and I were trying decide what the perfect First Day of Summer Song would be and “Sun Is Out” by Apples in Stereo won hands-down.  I’m sure you’ll agree.  In fact, I’m listening to it as I’m writing this and I’m realizing that my earlier ranking was definitely wrong.

I like Fall best and then SpringSummerWinter second best.