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Saturday Night Dance Party

6 Aug

If yesterday’s post was the perfect song for a Friday, well here’s the perfect song for a Saturday night:  “Do I Sad?” by Geneva Jacuzzi.  Her music confounds me because I can’t decide if it sounds totally like the future or completely like the past.  Maybe that means it’s just right for today.

So while it reminds me of something I might have once blasted while getting ready to go out, late, after a disco nap, it also is what I am listening to right now, when going out couldn’t be further from my mind.

This is no doubt the shortest post in the history of Margauxville, which may make you very pleased or somewhat disappointed.  Thankfully “Do I Sad?” will fit your mood either way.



5 Aug

Friday!  Am I right or am I right?

If you’re getting ready to slide down the dinosaur’s tail, here is the absolutely perfect song to get you ready for your weekend:  “W.O.R.K.” by Bow Wow Wow.  And, oddly, even if you have the best job in the universe and want to work through the weekend, it will still somehow get you in the mood for that too.  Just ignore the words!

Once again, we need to look up to the heavens and thank Malcolm McLaren.  He put together Bow Wow Wow by convincing members of Adam & The Ants to leave and form a new band.  And then he hired 14 year old Anabella Lwin as the lead singer.  Genius move.

He had her artistically photographed nude – gorgeously recreating Manet’s “Le déjeuner sur l’herbe.”  Of course because she was 14, Scotland Yard got involved.  Malcolm promptly promised that he wouldn’t promote his lead singer as a “sex kitten” and Bow Wow Wow was allowed to leave the country and go on tour.  Ah, for the good old days. These days this picture would just be labeled “NSFW”….which is another reason to dowload “W.O.R.K.” right now and blast it!


Evil Grows in Cracks and Holes

4 Aug

I listen to AM newsradio when I get dressed in the morning and the first thing I heard today was a man saying,

“I want to go so I can stare at the face of a madman.”

It was someone being interviewed about why he was going to the arraignment of Levi Aron, the guy who allegedly dismembered 8 year old Leiby Kietzy.   Even though I’m fascinated by murders and murderers, I cannot imagine going to a courtroom to see a stranger be arraigned just to get a glimpse of a crazy person.

Evil comes in  many packages and some of them are alluring.  Not Levi Aron – he’s just Creepy with a capital “c.”  But the Ted Bundy’s of the world…well now you’re talking.   “Where Evil Grows” by The Poppy Family captures this perfectly.  It is a pretty amazing song. It’s so poppy (no pun intended) but the lyrics couldn’t be less pop.  It reminds me of the opening of Blue Velvet and the perfect white picket fence and roses that ultimately are anything but perfect.

The Poppy Family were husband and wife Terry and Susan Jacks.  They divorced a couple of years after this song and the next year Terry had a massive hit with the god-awful “Seasons in the Sun.”  Now if this isn’t proof that Terry Jacks  knows something about being evil, well I don’t know what is.  You know what they say.  The Devil is a shapeshifter… I’m on to you, Terry Jacks.


Hooked on 3 Feelings

3 Aug

I spent a good part of this evening with a Swede.  That’s not that odd because I do know a fair amount of of them, but it never fails that whenever I spend any time at all with any Swede, at least once during the visit, the 1970s group Blue Swede pops into my head.

And then I wonder…which is weirder:  the fact that every one of  Blue Swede’s hits were cover versions of other band’s hits or that their biggest hit, their version of B.J. Thomas’ “Hooked on a Feeling,” was not only a cover but the weird “Ouga Chaka” background vocal thing was itself “borrowed” from yet another cover version, by Jonathan King?


But Blue Swede ain’t got nothing on Jonathan King as far as weird goes.  And Lord knows B.J. “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” Thomas isn’t weird.  No, as far as weird is concerned, I need to stick with Jonathan King.

He wrote “Everyone’s Gone to the Moon” when he was still in college.  He went on to produce (and name!) Genesis, run Decca Records (twice!), recorded nearly 20 chart hits between 1965-1979 under various names, was imprisoned for sexually molesting 5 teenage boys and most recently released a film called Me, Me, Me.


His story is so much better than the three versions of “Hooked on a Feeling,” combined.  Maybe what is weirdest here is that now you have three versions of “Hooked on a Feeling” when you may not even want a single one.

Ouga Chaka indeed.



2 Aug

Certainly nothing I can say about the debt ceiling fiasco would be at all illuminating.  I’m sure that all the frustration that’s been vocalized is just a tip of the iceberg of what we’ll no doubt be hearing and feeling when we have to address the next round of cuts in December.

There must have been a time when “politician” didn’t seem a thoroughly distasteful word.  Right?  But I guess there was also a time when “used car salesman” must have had a neutral connotation as well.  I think the only thing that I can stomach about politics these days is “Politics” by Girls At Our Best.

GAOB was a group from Leeds, England in the late ’70s-early ’80s.  “Politics” was released by Rough Trade as their second single and was an indie hit in the UK when it came out.  And just to keep the political theme going…you know how things are never what politicians claim they are?  Well Girls At Our Best was actually really only 1 girl and 3 guys.   I’m hoping, however, that they were still all at their best at least.

Here’s my campaign promise:  this song will do its part in helping remove some of the tarnish from the word “politics.”  At least for 3 minutes and 18 seconds.

Trust me.


I Could Be Happy. No, Really.

1 Aug

The other day one of my friends said that I better turn over a new leaf because she couldn’t bear another depressing post.  This was in response to my last one, “Hell is Around the Corner.”  I responded, jokingly, that if I pulled an Anna Karenina for some reason and threw myself in front of a train, someone, at some point, would say that they should have noticed these posts were a cry for help.

Don’t worry, I said I was joking.  Really, get off my sac.  But, it is actually funny that if some misfortune did befall me – say I fell in front of a train rather than leaped, someone could look at the rash of depressing songs and come to that conclusion and my memory would forever be marred.

So, it’s August.  I’m back to really (trying) to do my daily post and to post some super happy songs too – just to keep you guessing.  Or at the very least, songs that you might think were happy on first blush, but really are about something else entirely.  Like Altered Images’ absurdly infectious “I Could Be Happy.”

Happy August.  I’m happy it’s August.  Or am I?