The Truth About Reincarnation

29 Jun

Do you believe in reincarnation?  I have personal proof that it exists.  Once when I was about twelve or so my mom and I did the whole Boston/American Revolution tour and we got lost driving around Concord or Lexington or somewhere in between.  I have a terrible sense of direction and I had never been there before but I gave her exact directions on how to get to our destination.  And I don’t mean the male “turn right, turn left” thing, I mean the female “go to the big tree with the carving in the trunk and turn right” thing.

When we got there she turned to me and asked how I knew where to go.  I didn’t even realize till that moment that there was no way I should have. In addition, Boston makes my skin crawl every time I visit.  And I swear I’m not just talking Red Sox.  I’m talking a visceral reaction that makes me feel claustrophobic and that makes it hard to breathe.  So I’m pretty sure the only plausible explanation is reincarnation, no?

I’m also pretty sure my latest musical obsession, The Allah Las, were all reincarnated.  It’s astonishing that they’re a current band.  I know there are a lot of folks doing the whole “garage band” thing but almost none of them interest me.  The Allah Las, on the other hand,  just reek of authenticity.  Here’s their single “Catamaran.” It’s like somehow the spirit of what embodied the best of the Nuggets-era bands somehow managed to reincarnate into 4 L.A. kids and somehow they managed to find each other.

I’m pretty smitten.  You better be too.  Or else my past lives and I will be really disappointed.

P.S.  Update on my Bunker Hill post:  I just got an email that Norton Records, the wonderful label which released Bunker Hill as well as A TON of amazing music is celebrating their 25th Anniversary in November with 4 crazy shows at The Bell House in Brooklyn.  It’s never too early to plan.


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