Savoir Faire

28 Jun

I’ve always found it curious why some songs become ‘go-to’ songs.  There really isn’t a tangible reason, at least not in my case.  I guess they were originally there at the right time or something.  For me, one of these songs “Savoir Faire” by Family Fodder.  Aptly, I find it goes well with any situation or mood.

Family Fodder is an odd sort of band.  First of all, the center of it is an accordionist, Alig Fodder.  Secondly, they’ve managed to stay around, on and off,  for over 30 years even though they’ve not had much success.  Their last record, released in 2010, utilized the vocals of the daughter of the original singer.  That’s keeping the family in Family Fodder.

Though “Savoir Faire” is one of their earliest recordings, they’re very much still around.  I’d love to see them live.  And their website says they would love to perform (“preferably not paid in peanuts this time. Pistachios. Walnuts.”) It would be nice if our loves can meet someday.

Till then, I’m sure that the simple act of downloading this song will boost your own savoir faire.  I’m not sure how, but I am absolutely sure of it.


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