Nervous Breakdown

5 Jun

When I first decided to do a year of downloads, it was supposed to be about the music.  And of course it is, but increasingly I’m finding that it’s about me, my state of mind and my relationship to music vis-a-vis those things.

My state of mind has had better days.  I have some crazy shizz swirling around in there and it’s exhausting.  Last night I dreamed I dropped my keys in quicksand.  Thankfully, at the last minute, I was able to retrieve them.  Maybe there will be a light at the end of this tunnel.

In addition, two odd things happened today.  Well three if you count finding a small dead bird outside my front door.

I was in the center of a huge, super nasty and thoroughly ridiculous fight with my little beach community for suggesting we switch from an antiquated and annoying Yahoo Group page to a private Facebook Group page.  For those who felt outraged (and I do mean outraged) it was seriously as if I had suggested raping their significant others.  Which now I kind of want to do simply out of vengeance.

The other odd thing was nicer.  Weird, but nicer.  Someone told me they had waited nine years to kiss my cheek and that I didn’t have to be worried because once he did, he would never do it again.  He just wanted to make sure we’d be friends after the cheek kiss.

Suffice to say, today’s song is “Nervous Breakdown” by Eddie Cochran.

I’ll bring it back to talking about music.  I’m sure I will.  I should be discussing some rockabilly fact; this is the first rockabilly posted here.  But today…today I can’t …oh, just go and download.


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