Shaddup Silly Woman!

4 Jun

I realized that yesterday’s posting of “Ode to Billie Joe” might have been the first story-telling song I’ve posted on Margauxville. I haven’t reviewed all my past entries to make sure I’m right, but I’m sure you faithful downloaders MUST be keeping track, no?  In any case, here is another story-telling gem, this time from the Northern Soul realm.

Northern Soul was a movement in the UK that started in the late ’60s, though it consists of American R&B songs. In other words, people were discovering and digging the funkier, more upbeat tempo and sound of Motown-type songs, but not the famous ones.  They liked the more unknown songs and also sounds from smaller, regional record labels.

Clubs started opening featuring this music and people would go and dance, dance,  dance – but these crazy, super athletic dancing.  Kinda like Break Dancing 1.0.   And a new club scene was born.  It didn’t hurt that aficionados looked cool, very mod-like.

The Snake” by Al Wilson was one of the most popular Northern Soul songs.  Listen and you can see why.  I’m not a man-basher, but if I were, I could not think of a better song on that subject.  Just great!  It charted in the US too, of course, but certainly didn’t have the impact that his massive(non-Northern Soul) hit “Show and Tell” did five years later.

I like them both.  So you get them both.  Twofer Saturday, I guess.


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