Warm Leatherette … and Other Musings

27 Mar

Oh my, it’s 9p already.  How did that happen?!  I’ve been obsessed today with the idea of re-doing a room in my apartment to make it a functioning office and all I’ve done is look at desks today.  Well, from the comfort of my home, with my big ole boot up, in between dozing on and off.  But you get the idea.

As an aside, phone and email on silent all day is an amazing experience.  I’m sure I’ll pay the price catching up when I turn them on in a moment, but I’m still putting all that off for a minute or two more so I can post today’s song before it becomes tomorrow’s song!

And of course it’s (very) vaguely furniture related – that is, if you consider a car furniture.  I kind of do.  And here in Margauxville we like loose interpretations.

Download “Warm Leatherette” here by The Normal.  That’s the one you want.  But some people like Grace Jones better.  And I can respect that.  Sometimes I do too.  You can get that one here.

For those who are interested in my progress on the desk front…I didn’t solve it.  Yet.  But I will use every available brain cell space till I crack it.


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