My President is Black, My Lampost’s Blue

21 Jan

Last night I dreamed that my mother called me, crying, asking if I heard the news.  She told me the President had been shot.  I kept saying, “But why would anyone want Cheney to be President?”

I knew it was a dream, but it was still upsetting.  It wasn’t till a couple of hours after I was awake that I realized they would have shot Obama, not Bush.  I’m not living in the past, but I am apparently spending my nights there.

Anyway, how could I forget my President is Black??  I mean, really.  I used that Young Jeezy song in a commercial (yeah, I know…).  It was tricky getting all the different writers on board and because we were in such a rush, I took matters into my own hands and tracked them down myself.  They were super nice.  Especially when I said to one of the them, “Hey…I have a question.  What does ‘My lampost’s blue’ mean?'”  Dead silence.  More dead silence.   I had never seen the video.  I had no idea it was ‘My Lambo’s blue.’  Out of all the many people I know, not one of them would ever use ‘Lamborghini’ in a sentence, much less ‘Lambo.’  I was kind of mortified when he corrected me.

Download it and tell me it doesn’t sound like lampost!  And also, let’s just get one thing straight:  I don’t really care what color my President is, much less a Lambo, but I do want my President to be alive. K?


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