Lemon Zest

17 Jan

I was originally going to post a Martin Luther King, Jr. related piece, but somehow my mind ended up in the gutter instead.  Here are two blues songs, both from 1937 and both “borrowed” by Led Zeppelin for “The Lemon Song.”

It’s funny, but I don’t usually think of lemons as a sexual euphemism, but then again I don’t usually discuss squeezing lemons till the juice runs down my leg.  I’m not adverse to it though.  Let’s try to bring this into everyday conversation.  In fact, next time someone says the annoying “When God gives you lemons, make lemonade” to you, I dare you to come back with that line.

You can download Robert Johnson’s “Traveling Riverside Blues” here and Art McKay’s “She Squeezed My Lemon” here.  You’re welcome.

Oh, and Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!


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