Chapel of Love

16 Jan

Do me a favor.  Go see ‘Abstract Expressionist New York’ at MoMA.  Seriously, right now.  GO.  Oh, they’re closed now.

To tide you over, here’s one of the pieces that Morton Feldman wrote  in the 1970s for the Rothko Chapel in Houston.  Rothko is my favorite of all the Abstract Expressionists.  And that’s saying a lot, since I love so many.

It’s is a polarizing place:

His chapel is one of the most overwhelming syntheses of art and architecture in the world. It is as compelling as the great Italian religious interiors he admired, yet as terrifying as Munch’s Scream. It is a tragic theatre of emptiness, death’s antechamber, the self-expression of a suicide. As such, the Rothko Chapel was destined to be misunderstood. Had it been understood, it would not have been built. (Jonathan Jones, The Guardian)

I’m dying to go there to see for myself.  And when I do, I’m going to be listening to this in my headphones.  I love me some cello.  I love me some Feldman.   I love me some Rothko.  Download here.

UPDATE:  Read more about why you should see MoMA’s amazing show, here.


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