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30 May

Happy Memorial Day!

I just heard a report on the radio saying that 80% of Americans don’t know what Memorial Day commemorates. I froze.  Did I forget?  I assumed surely that they meant something specific – a certain battle or event.  I waited.  No, they just meant that people didn’t know it was to acknowledge and thank people who serve(d) in the military and remember those who died serving.

For real?  People don’t know this?

Honestly, how is it that people never learned that?  I realize that a lot of us probably don’t have a direct current connection with those in the military, but I’m still flabbergasted.  I love hot dogs (well, Not Dogs) and the beach and big sales as much as the next person, but I never thought that was the real purpose of the holiday.

I know those reading this know better.  But I bet even you are a little rusty on the entire history.  Here’s a pretty comprehensive write-up.  Study up.  I may test you later.

War is a popular subject matter for songs of course.  Here is one of my favorites:  The Pogues version of “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda.”  Shane McGowan is at his absolute best on this track.  Stellar.  But of course he is.  I would only ever give you the best.

Feel free to resume your holiday BBQ now.