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A Night at the Opera

15 Jan

I saw Tosca at the Met last night.  Let me clarify:  I saw Tosca from 4th row center seats at the Met last night.  It was that controversial Luc Bondy staging that apparently tore the opera community to pieces last year.  I’m guessing it is only controversial to the most traditional of opera enthusiasts.  I don’t understand why people would be outraged that the sets were pared down and the situations more modern.

Munich also staged this version and here’s a trailer from their production.  Tosca is sometimes dismissed as being too melodramatic and boy does this clip embrace that.   A telenovela for the upper crust!

This doesn’t do it justice.  See it if you’re able; it’s wonderful.  And here’s Tosca’s greatest hit for your downloading pleasure.  It really is one of the most beautiful arias ever.