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Just Say No

16 Jun

Remember when I said I went to see Brian Wilson the other night?  I forgot to tell you two very important things.  First, the “leader” of the band was from NRBQ and second, that Mark Lindsay from the ’60s group, Paul Revere and the Raiders, was in the audience.  I could barely see him, but he was singled out and introduced and I was incredibly excited from afar.  I meant to check out that side of the stage when the show was over and I am annoyed that, in a Beach Boys haze, I forgot.

Paul Revere & The Raiders might be quickly dismissed by people today just because of how they looked.  Sure Mark Lindsay was tall and cute.  But they also capitalized on the Paul Revere name and dressed in revolutionary era outfits and stuff.   I could see how someone today might think they were a novelty act.  That is, I could see them thinking that until the music was played. Their sound of suburban teens meet garage punk is absolutely irresistible.  They were huge back in the day; they sold more records than anyone except The Beatles and The Rolling Stones at the height of it all.

But to me, their greatest accomplishment  is that they very well may have recorded THE best example of  THE hardest genre to nail in all of rock music, period.  Of course I’m referring to making an anti-drug song sound cool.  There are a few other songs I’d put up for contention in this contest, but I’m pretty sure that “Kicks” by Paul Revere & The Raiders would take the title.  Download now and just try to tell me I’m wrong.  I’ll bet you a kilo of horse I’m right.