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What a Waster

9 Jan

As I was scanning Perez Hilton while watching Access Hollywood with an Us Weekly spread out next to me I realized that the unfortunate thing about our tabloid culture is that you start associating people only with their exploits and not what they should really be known for.  For instance, Lindsay Lohan is actually a decent actress.

And Pete Doherty seems to only make it into the press as a mess of a heroin addict — and even less so now since he’s no longer with Kate Moss.  And though drugs and models definitely lend themselves to “rock star,” so does actual rock music.

Babyshambles is a great band and The Libertines, his band before that, was fantastic. “What a Waster” was The Libertines’ first single and it rocks. Of course it didn’t do well as single since radio couldn’t play it with all the cursing.  What a fucking waster.

You should download it as fast as possible and play it really loud all day.  Do it.  NOW.