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Change Your Mind

10 Feb

I was supposed to be at this totally awesome Neil Young Tribute at Carnegie Hall tonight.  Instead, a friend of mine will be there.  Hopefully with a Flipcam.   Since I can’t be there in person, I have to have my own personal tribute and listen to Neil Young all day.

Once I drove from Florida to South Carolina and only listened to one song on repeat the entire time.  Granted it’s a 14 minute song, but still, that’s a ton of times.  The trip was CRAZY and I will undoubtedly write about it on my real blog one day, but for now, I will give you the song in question, “Change Your Mind.”

“Change Your Mind” as a concept is near and dear to my heart, both about my own mind and about others’.  As a song, it’s hypnotic and incredibly overlooked.  I don’t understand why.  Judge for yourself, here.