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The Night I’m Sure I’ll Learn to Move a Spoon

16 Jul

I recently discovered Telekinesis.  Let me clarify.  I discovered telekinesis with a lowercase ‘t’ years ago when I was determined to hone my talent for remote influencing.  Tried as I might, however, I never did move a spoon across the table.

But Telekinesis with a capital ‘T’ is a band I just recently heard for the first time.  It’s actually not a band, but rather one person, Michael Benjamin Lerner.  He’s from Seattle as you could probably guess once you download the song.  Unless you thought he was from Williamsburg, an easily understandable mistake for which I won’t mock you.

I love the song “You Turn Clear in the Sun” and not just because it has a killer title.  That said, you may think it’s just another piece of fluff when you hear it.  It isn’t.  I urge you to listen to this three times in a row and its magic will open up to you.  I’m sure of it.  It’s a deceptively simple song that is actually crazy irresistible.  And it just reeks of summer.

But the bigger news is that I think I just inspired myself to try telekinesis with a small ‘t’ again.  Now I’m excited!  Thank you, Telekinesis the band-that’s-not-a-band for galvanizing me.  I’ll report back!