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Keep On Truckin’

11 Jun

When you hear Eddie Kendricks voice, it’s usually on one of the massive hits that he and The Temptations had when he was one of their lead singers. He’s the one you hear on “Just My Imagination, “The Way You Do the Things You Do, “Get Ready” and lots more.

I always preferred his solo smash “Keep On Truckin’.”  It’s a great song plus I am kind of obsessed with that phrase. Not in the R. Crumb way. And not in the old jazz way.  But in the disco era way.

I’d really like to bring it back into the vernacular.  I’m just never sure exactly how to use it. Do you say it when you are leaving someplace? When someone is doing something cool that you want to continue? I really don’t know.

Maybe I should just start incorporating into conversations and hope for the best.

I was originally planning to post Eddie Kendricks’ song “Date With the Rain” because, well, it’s classic disco magic and really, who doesn’t love a guy who hides his tears in the rain?  But my fingers started typing without my mind involved and so now you get “Keep On Truckin’.”  And not the “Keep On Truckin’, Part 1” that was the hit which is around 3 and a half minutes, but the full 8 minute extravaganza!

Okay, that’s all I have to say…except, of course, keep on truckin’.