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Happy Accident

28 May

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that Gil Scott-Heron died yesterday.  As you may remember, I love him.  I’ve been listening to him pretty much non-stop all morning and then all of a sudden, by mistake,  I hit the wrong button and Joe Jackson’s “I’m The Man” blared out of the speakers.

And so the Joe Jackson segment of May 28th commenced.  I realize you wouldn’t normally connect Gil Scott-Heron and Joe Jackson, but that’s the way things happen here in Margauxville.

Joe Jackson is one of those artists that I always appreciate and love but for some reason hardly ever actually listen to.  Yet every time I do, I wonder why there isn’t a mandatory Joe Jackson hour in every single one of my days.

There is, however, a mandated 4 minutes for him in your day, starting as soon as you download the song.  Go on, do it.

He’s the man.