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Collective Mode

11 Oct

Remember when this used to be a song-a-day blog?  Hmm, so do I.  And I really -really! – hope I’m back for real this time.  But other than saying that, I’m tabling all excuses and apologies – for now at least.

Today is a perfect day for some reinvigoration.

It’s a full moon, for one thing.  And not any old full moon; it’s the smallest full moon of the year.  I don’t want this teensy full moon to have any self-esteem issues, so let’s send it a little extra love when we (try to) find it in the sky tonight.

In my personal cosmos, there’s a much bigger event occurring.  Starting today, I’ll be working with one of the smartest groups of people I can think of – co:collective.  I don’t usually mix work and blogs, so you know it’s A Big Deal.

I’ve spoken of my psychic iPod before, but this morning it was especially on-target.  I hit ‘shuffle’ to get my song-o-scope for the day and up came “Collective Mode” by Asian Dub Foundation.  Now I swear on a stack of mp3s that never has this song come up in any rotation before.  In fact, I think in all the years I’ve owned any sort of iPod, maybe ADF itself only came on once.  But iPod and I are very in sync;  I am indeed in a collective mode.

I’m sure you would rather hear about how this song is from way back in 2000 and that the band members met while filming a documentary at a Community House in London where music/technology was being taught to South Asian kids and all that kind of stuff.  Oh, well.  At least the downloads are back.

A Supernatural Delight

15 Jun

You may have heard that the second of the three eclipses in this crazy, stressful and powerful eclipse season occurred today.  The first was a couple of weeks ago and the third will be in a couple of weeks and were both solar eclipses.  This one is the first lunar eclipse of the year.  It was a really long one too – over an hour and a half – and if you were in anywhere from Eastern Africa to Western Australia it would have been an amazing sight.  Here in good ole NYC, we’ll have to settle for seeing a regular full moon.

There are so many full moon rituals that have existed through the ages, but you’ll have to consult with someone a little more Wicca than me to find any magical spells.  (Or is it magikal?)  But before you hasten to Google, here’s one better suited to us anyway.  Hey, it’s worth a try at least:  dancing.

Here’s Wolfe’s cover of “Dancing in the Moonlight.”  I used to hate it and now I completely love its breeziness.   And just because it’s always fun to compare, here’s the original 1972 version by King Harvest.

The lesson for this second eclipse is clear:  you can’t dance and stay uptight.