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7 Jun

I missed posting yesterday because I was just drowning.  I know this is an aside, but I read someone’s tweet the other day and it said, “Ever notice that lol looks like someone drowning?”  (That was a worthwhile digression, no?)  So I guess I should say I missed posting yesterday because I was just drowning, lol.

Years ago I lived with this guy who wore smaller sized jeans than I did and wouldn’t come into bed for the evening until after I woke up in the morning,  but on the plus side, he  did an amazing interpretation of David Bowie singing “Pressure.”

You know that initial “PRESSHHAH”?  That’s the part that he always sang.  Just that one word.  Try it.  Go on.  It’s really funny, right?

Anyway, “Pressure” by Queen & David Bowie is perhaps too well known a song for MV, but I’ve been under so much PRESSHHAH these days that it’s all I can think of.  Plus it makes me laugh.  Cut me some slack, ok?

I’ll be back tomorrow in human form.  I feel it.


If David Bowie was Swedish. And a Girl.

23 Mar

Last night I was sitting in an office across the street from the office I should have been sitting in and boy am I happy.  Not only was it lovely, with beautiful art and big ole windows, but this wonderful event occurred:

I had made myself at home in a pretty green chair and was prattling on and on and not letting my friend get any work done.  All of a sudden, wafting in from the office next door was amazingness!  At this point in the story, we should all take a moment to thank Jason, from whose office that wafting occurred, and be glad that he was listening to this very song, because now we all are able to do so as well.  (Actually that’s the end of the story, so we kind of have to thank him at this point anyway.)

Life on Mars, as a concept, seems even more strange, more fantastic, more futuristic in Swedish than it does in English.  Maybe that’s because I don’t speak Swedish.  It’s kind of like Martian to me.

If you don’t believe me, download to Frida’s “Liv Pa Mars.”  It’s so very wonderful.  And, yes, it’s that Frida.