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Cinco de Mayo

5 May

¡Happy Cinco de Mayo, todos!

While I can’t offer you margaritas or luchadores, I can offer you something else Mexican:  a song by Julieta Venegas.  “Me Van a Matar” may sound familiar to you as it was used in the fabulous film, Amores Perros.  I first discovered her a while before that, on some Spanish radio station that was barely coming in.   I was driving and had to hope I had scribbled her name down correctly.  Thankfully I did.

She went on to have big Latin success, winning a bunch of Latin Grammys and other awards.  Basically, she’s one of those artists that is really well-known in that Latin niche but is not that much out of it.  And that’s too bad.  You should check her out.  Maybe even while drinking a little tequila.